InLa’Kesh products will always be nurturing, handcrafted, organic, fair trade (whenever possible), and cruelty-free.

Presenting gifts & treasures for the mind, body & soul, InLa’Kesh shows you a different perspective. As an Aromatherapy Artisan & Reiki Seichim Master I love to craft & blend with Essential oils, resins, floral essences, botanicals and ‘energy’. Many ancient traditions understood the power of anointing with oils as a sacred act. This action of anointing the skin and body with love, brings to life an inner power we all have available to us.

MISSION: to embrace the free spirit & passionately grow InLa’Kesh and provide all genders and ages with effective, quality products that assist with self-confidence, spiritual awareness and ultimately enhance well-being. InLa’Kesh offers luxury & performance through the use of beneficial oils, innovative key ingredients that provides results! When customers purchase InLa’Kesh products from across all the categories they receive great value for money. Not only is the InLa’Kesh range made up of professional aromatherapy products that perform effectively but the products are supplied in professional generous sized packaging that exudes class and sophistication and relates to the ‘energy’ of The Chakras.